Welcome to Umbria

If You wish we can plan and book for you local leisure activities in the surrounding Umbria countryside


“Imagine waking up and leaving your home, away from the chaos of your city … Here is the place you don’t expect, where life run slowly, marked by the bell tower of the town.

After visiting it, it will enter your heart, you will love the nature that surrounds us, our history, our cuisine, our countries and even us Umbrians, who at times may seem a little shy, but trust us, we are not rude, we just want to protect our little, big treasure”

Fascinating itineraries on the surrounding countryside..

Umbria region is the synthesis between art and nature in a perfect balance that matches pristine environment and human settlement, also this area offers a number of opportunities for excursions across its surroundings, where the appeal of an unspoilt natural environment can be fully appreciated in the woods and the green meadows, and the wild flora is particularly rich and interesting in this area.

Here in umbria you will find all those beauties and values such as traditions, integrity and a fascinating sense of history and culture that have been passed down throughout generations and are still findable in this amazing area of Italy, where the time seems to stand still.